107 Mount St Design Competition

The development of the idea posed in the brief of thinking beyond today, beyond what North Sydney is to what North Sydney could be, is an enticing challenge.
The creation of a building that stands out from the crowd and will stand the test of time is a delicate balance, elements we have sought to explore in our response are;

We devised a building without straight edges, a building with a unique silhouette on the skyline, we have topped this form with a tiered diamond facade to highlight the special spaces within.

We have integrated lighting into the form of the building in a number of ways, the solid panels necessary to minimise heat load and organised to direct views to the harbour and city are lit with a single point of up-light to allow the building to sparkle at night creating a nighttime form to match the striking daytime one.

Integral to the future of office in an age when working from home is a proven viable alternative is the idea of providing a destination that workers actually chose to be in for the amenity, collaboration and business culture it enables. In order to optimise 107 Mount for this future which is upon us now we have integrated a series of terraces and balconies across the entire height of the tower allowing every level to open to the outside.  Integrating all of these elements into a cohesive building topped by a series of landscaped gardens opening onto a bar, restaurant and private dining room offers a lifestyle building fit for today and symbolising the future of office.