12-24 Talavera Road, Macquarie Park

12-24 Talavera Road is a continuation of the masterplan developed for 7 commercial office buildings. The design of the separate buildings further explored the components and language developed during stage one. Large 2000m2 floorplates are serviced by service cores mounted off the main floor plate with bathrooms, fire stairs and service risers at each end and lifts and a glazed inter-tenancy stair mid elevation. This has the advantage that it maximises the efficiency for multiple tenant floors. A 25 metre wide floor plate combined with a floor to floor glazed curtain wall, with ceilings cutback at the perimeter maximises the natural light penetration to the centre of the floor plate. Buildings are separated by a open hardscape zone, which with the development of the masterplan with become the central street through the complex. The buildings were designed to achieve a 4 star ABGR rating.