O'Riordan Street Design Comp

As the City of Sydney’s History of Beaconsfield Park makes clear “This area between Sydney Harbour and Botany Bay became a major interface between Aboriginal people and Europeans”.

We see the opportunity for the building to be a unique office environment, a meeting place which takes pause on the current moment to re-imagine the history of the area as a place of intersection and to offer a
site of potential. This, after all, is what a post covid office will need to be, a site of ideas, of exchange and of human connection, one which will hopefully be a positive force on the buildings tenants, users, visitors and the world more broadly as
we move forward.

The gradual changes to the Green Square neighbourhood indicate a large uplift in residential apartments and commercial buildings in the immediate blocks surrounding our site so the question becomes one of creating a building that will sit into this group of new developments enabling
more than just an inward focus on the commercial office in order to generate a building that creates a unique office environment.

A building of this scale is a significant piece of the urban plan and as such should offer both the desired inspirational office space but also a broader proposition to the surrounding community.