220 George Street, Sydney

We have created a solution that sits comfortably and neighbourly within its context. It produces its modulation and richness from assessing the essence of our surrounding context, borrowing, abstracting or distorting this to achieve this optimal outcome.

Our northerly neighbour, the EY Centre at 200 George Street, establishes a beautiful rhythm of vertical and horizontal elements to both its podium and tower. The play of these is most pronounced within its podium street wall, creating a rich and descriptive pattern of horizontal movement along the deviating street edge.

Our concept is not to overtly separate ourselves in form, composition or makeup to that which is already established in this precinct. We do not seek a solution which seeks undue attention.

This is the strength of our solution, adopting the design language of our neighbours to create a greater urban outcome. This produces our character creates our individual expression.

We have developed a visually recessive tower form - sitting in that space between solid and perforated when viewed from the street below.

The horizontal tower definition of our neighbour is borrowed, but adapted and multiplied to create a series of repetitive rings or halo’s which encircle our tower form from bottom to top. The internal illumination and external reflectance off the glass surface will not be visible from below, but the reflected light off the white earthy terracotta halo’s will - causing the building to softly glow.

This concept of softness of building form is continued by curving the tower corners, allowing the building, as its neighbours do, to nestle into the skyline.

We continue our core idea of the “activated place” from basement to crown, creating public spaces below ground, along the streets, on top of the podium and within the tower’s crown. This responds to the nature of the contemporary workplace, creating spaces of varying characters and forms to which to work, relax or play, all contained within a high performing, environmentally responsible enclosure.

Referential, refined, activated and efficient.