270 Pacific Hwy Crows Nest

270 Pacific Highway is strategically located between Crows Nest village and the future metro station and will play a key role on achieving the 2036 vision for St Leonards and in particular Crows Nest by providing a sustainable development with an activated ground plane and an A grade commercial tower focused on the best amenity for its users that will attract new jobs to the area and will contribute to the growth of the Eastern economic corridor.

The proposed development was designed with the community and the rich history of Crows Nest in mind by creating a proposition that responds respectfully to its immediate heritage and fine grain surroundings and a street frontage that is open, activated and wel­coming to the new tenants and the wider community.

The scale of the new development respect the height controls set by the 2036 plan and sits comfortably in its surroundings by creating a built form that is highly articulated and detailed, and by providing a terraced roof top that responds to the existing low scale develop­ments on the west. The end result is a development that its not only appropriate for its context but exemplifies the type of development that the area requires in terms of scale, character and public do­main. 270 Pacific Highway together with the future re-development of Five Ways special precinct will become the new gateway to Crows Nest’s residential and commercial hub.