32 Smith St, Parramatta

Our design concept is informed by the journeys of the people places and buildings that have defined the Parramatta of today, and will define the Parramatta of tomorrow.

It is a solution of lines, like rivers, creeks, stories and history. All inter-weaved and changing, affected by time and events. It is the abstract expression of these stories through materiality, form, art and colour that creates the unique expression and embeds 32 Smith Street to its geography - Parramatta.

The proposal is for a building where people will congregate to create work, and as such will allow for the new workplace, the blending of lifestyle and work to create product. This is more than the creation of efficient parcels of space logically stacked higher and higher, it is about the journeys or people, their interactions, connections and relationships. The building will address the concerns and worries of the occupiers, creating a healthy, fresh, natural and an informed environment. A building firstly about spaces and the environments it creates.

The solution celebrates the journeys of approach, interaction, celebration, and personal expression.