44 Waterloo Rd Macquarie Park

The first stage of the masterplan delivers both the urban plaza and the first building. The building will be a 17,800sqm 11 storey timber office building. Designed with a return to the office as a primary business destination post covid the building features external areas on every level together with a central atrium for passive air return.

The exciting floorplate design places people at the perimeter by combining two thin floorplate modules around the central atrium and core. The design seeks to minimise both operating and embodied carbon through a strong passive design approach to the fa├žade resulting in a 50-50 window wall ratio with integrated external shading.

The timber frame further improves the embodied carbon performance of the building while the use of a solar farm on the roof and efficient fossil fuel free plant allows for a building which is net zero ready from day one.

The ground levels are inset on the north and west faces creating shaded people friendly places adjacent the buildings edges for both F+B dining opportunities and a welcoming lobby. The first phase of the development also sets up some of the longer term planting aspirations by using leftover site as a nursery for future fruit trees.