60 Martin Place

Design Competition

Our proposal creates a point of difference, its own expression, yet it is a good neighbour, sitting comfortably in the skyline.

It bridges the surrounding commercial and public hubs of Sydney, interlinking the myriad of cross site links and spaces with a proposed new lane. It creates an important amenity for the users of the city and building.

It allows filtering and movement through and around the building, providing for and continuously activating the streetscapes on all four sides.

The innovative approach and careful proportioning of the podium elements add a new active character to the Martin Place streetscape, providing amenity for the people of Sydney. It provides engaging front address points around the new civic room of Martin Place - rich in colour and material, appropriate in scale and detail.

The form of the tower maximises the opportunity offered by the site, creating a positive contribution to the precinct and respecting its neighbours. It politely enables the amenity and character of the area. The tower is unique and therefore identifiable from afar.

The facade, created in a collaboration with an internationally recognised artist, responds to the environmental challenges of today, creating a visually rich screen of constantly changing patterns of material, light and movement.

It adds an ever-changing layer of visual delight to the cityscape.

Service, parking and bicycle access are carefully considered, providing simple and secure facilities without impacting on the pedestrian movement through and across the site. Opportunities are maximised to activate and enhance the whole precinct for the use of the public and building users alike.

A simple palette of materials detailed carefully to create an appropriate impression of quality and longevity. The lack of applied decoration masking the design is clear.

Decoration is applied through the layering of the light and shadow over the building form.

A solution inspired by the creation of an efficient and appropriate workplace, defined by an environmentally appropriate response. A massing formulated with an understanding of streetscape and skyline, with a logical underlay of service and structure.

The composition is unified in creating a visually rich and delightful addition to Sydney.