Bay Street Ultimo

The new development proposes a sustainable conscious A grade office building that re-uses the existing structure and adds a timber extension to create an envelope that fits within the built form of the surroundings and contributes positively to the street scape of Bay Street.

The existing aging and detracting building with a disconnected ground plane and office spaces with poor amenity is replaced with a development that respects and acknowledges the fabric and scale of the adjoining heritage listed neighbouring buildings by breaking the mass and creating alignments and datums that stitch the three buildings together using a simple and understated contemporary language.

The new street frontage is positioned in alignment of the adjoining buildings and is activated with multiple entry points and a retail space that will compliment the activities of Bay Street. The new office floors will have improved day light penetration with the introduction of an internal light well and new glazed facades to the north and west, serviced through efficient plant and mechanical systems, natural ventilation through operable facades and improved users amenity through biophilic principles including the landscaped courtyard and terraces.