Bishops See North, Perth

The site is located at the western entry to the Perth CBD and offers an unprecedented city location; a St Georges Terrace address, access to the tranquillity of the Bishop's House Heritage Gardens and views over The Swan River. The development acts as a gateway to the Perth CBD, delineated by its location and its striking silhouette upon the city skyline. It will redefine through the site that were previously lost, open new useable and protected public plaza spaces and emphasise the all important link to the Bishops See Heritage Gardens. The tower building is located at the northern highest part of the site - at the junction of Spring and Mount Streets - whilst, the lower more intimate building, Bishops See South nuzzles against and overlooks the gardens to the south. The external aesthetic is determined by the structural response, with a full height glazed curtain wall expressing the form of the workspace contained within the structural grid. A simple clean floor plate has been designed for maximum flexibility and can be sub-divided into countless sizes and configurations. All have been designed to minimise internal columns and obstructing structures. Dual tenant lobbies are proposed, one being located at the ground level, and the second being elevated in a suspended glass shell slung under the tower. This split lobby configuration allows for maximum security and flexibility for building users. The public space flows under the tower linking to the lower level concourse, incorporating cafes, restaurants and food bars. This space also connects to the forecourt of Bishops See South.

The building is design to achieve a minimum 5 star Greenstar rating.