Eclipse, Parramatta

The design solution is a response to the key views towards the north and to the provision of a flexible and efficient floor plate.

The result is a simple geometric form generated from a pure elipse which, by its very shape simultaneously allows a widening towards the north views, and a contraction to the south where the core needs to be the most efficient.

There are essentially two facades. The east, west and south are one continuous curved skin and its discretely treated with solar controlled frit patterns which subtly change and merge in response to the activities within. The north façade responds to the northerly sun angles to provide passive shading. The main building entry is recessed to form a generous pocket park on the northern side, promoting activation by retail spaces, including a café restaurant.

The floor plates are generally square in plan, with subtle curves to describe the overall form. The southern core space is highly efficient, mainly through the use of a single all-floor lift bank which, compared with a traditional low/high rise arrangement, reduces the number of elevators by three.

Lifts open directly onto the open floor plate, providing a high degree of visibility through the office spaces out to the views beyond. Tenancy splits are seamlessly achieved off a shared lobby space on each typical floor. The core is carefully designed to conceal all of the essential building services, such as goods lift lobbies, toilets and riser cupboards.

There is a high degree of natural light penetration into the office spaces, as well as some of the back of house facilities, such as the bathrooms and the fire stairs.

The base of the building is resolved by a 6m high annexe building at the rear of the site which helps to define the street wall along Station Street. This annexe contains the loading docks and plant room spaces on the ground floor allowing easy and direct access from the street.

The result is a simple and elegant building form which will become a remarkable and memorable local landmark.

The project won the Urban Taskforce award for Commercial Development of the Year 2013.