fitzpatrick+partners studio

In creating a new office space for the practice, we considered who were our clients and how did we want to represent to them. We wanted a working studio for our staff that reflected the dynamic and creative nature of our efforts. We were fitting out a heritage building that we wanted to respect, yet show an efficient modernity in our approach. The 1880's warehouse building in the centre of the CBD, was once typical for the area. High ceilings with original pressed metal panels still in place above previous tenant work. Hardwood plank flooring buried beneath layers and layers of flooring and adhesive. Stripping walls revealed painted brick with chalked tallies of daily output for the products made 150 years before. Demolition was limited to removing new works, and care was taken to preserve original features. A simple flexible layout, combined with mostly clear glass sliding doors and partitions for privacy areas was planned. Delineating spaces currently required for practice tasks and teams is achieved by joinery placement. A disconnection between the new fittings and fixtures and the original building is intended. Wiring is looped below arched doorways, ductwork and light fittings hung below ceilings. New walls are spaced below original steel beams. Opportunity to experience almost entirely the extent of the original space is made possible. Gauzy views through fabric ceilings reveal original pressed metal.