Kings Avenue, Roseville

Kings Avenue implements a responsive approach to green city living close to a major urban centre - yet set in traditional Sydney suburbia. The design is deliberately contemporary, yet reflects the scale and detailing of traditional materials interpreted in a contemporary way. It does not attempt to mimic the nearby detached cottages and residential shapes; preferring instead to adopt modern environmental technologies, and a holistic approach to site, landscape and context. This led to a building which embraced the intrinsic characteristics of the site. Addressing the urban issue of scale and context, the built form was split into two buildings with central open-air breezeways which run through the development to form a central entry and main circulation, that at the same time, pulls the landscape through the building. This has assisted in creating useable, breathable, controllable spaces within the apartments. All apartments have large external decks with moveable screens allowing for the adjustment of the internal environments and the creation of an ever-changing fa?ade. Smaller screened balconies provide private drying courts for clothes and the building users. Internal planning of the units allows for a changing demographic, with secondary rooms designed to open or close down, being able to service as studies, television rooms or family sleepover zones.