Lure Service Apartments

lure is designed to create an optimum living/recreational environment.

Modelled on Le Corbusier’s ‘Massionette Apartments’ – each apartment optimises views to Nelson Bay beach front while their open design maximises the potential for cross ventilation through the internal space.

The building is uncompromisingly modern in context. It does not attempt to mimic the developing plethora of heavy masonry buildings with punched openings; preferring to create a building which instills the characteristics of coastal holiday towns, transient, short term stays, varying movement and colour, the holiday spirit.

This is achieved through the design of useable, breathable, controllable spaces. They allow the individual users to vary their spaces from open to closed, dark to light, still or breeze, creating ever changing patterns across the facades.

The building expresses a clear and honest expression of construction, environment and circulation. It shies away from appliqué of any decoration.

Wrapped along the street edge the building has been designed to respond to the desired internal environments, with extensive use of sun shading devices such as vertical fins, deeply recessed balconies and horizontal screens, whilst addressing urban issues of the corner block and scale.