The Star Event Centre

Forming part of the ongoing revitalisation of The Star, the Event Centre provides Sydney with an international standard, centrally located, medium sized, flexible entertainment and function venue, something that had been missing from the harbourside city.

Multi-use in the true sense of the word the Event Centre can accommodate 4000 patrons in concert mode, 1500 in ballroom mode and 1300 in conference/ business mode, including the provision of breakout spaces. designed with maximum flexibility and efficiency the Event Centre has a turnaround time of approx. 4 hours between each function, therefore allowing 24hr multimode capability.

The design challenge was to design a 3D object rather than a building with facades as the venue will be seen from street level as well as from the hotel towers above. The design solution is a facetted object inspired by gem stone cuts. This concept in reflected in the materiality which is a triangulated glass facade that will be backlit.

During the day the building with blend it with the other components of the Casino complex but at night it transforms into a glowing object which will be seen from various parts of the town and even stand out when looking down from an airplane.

Designed with high end materials, state of the art technology and unique gem geometry the Event Centre will become an iconic jewel for the Pyrmont precinct and form part of the landmarks that make Sydney a great internationally recognised city.