Private Residence, Glebe

The Glebe House was constructed over an 18 month period by James Fitzpatrick and friends.

This project was significant in the development of the style and direction that the work of fitzpatrick+partners has followed. It is still referenced and appears in publications world wide.

Recently the new owner contacted the studio, with the comment "I still enjoy coming home to this house every night".

In James’ own words....

In this complete rebuilding of an inner city workers cottage, I experienced the opportunity to experiment, to make mistakes, to demolish, to rebuild and to most importantly, to enjoy the process.

With friends and myself as builder, the evolution of the design and in turn the construction period occurred over several years. This unusual challenge allowed time for details to be developed, drawn and even prototyped prior to actual construction.

The project commenced by the questioning of the historical definition of spaces within the home, whether they were the bathroom, kitchen, front door, bedroom, study or balcony. This questioning allowed the redefinition of these spaces and functions - allowing the planning to be manipulated to reflect a more appropriate diagram for today’s inner city lifestyle.

The experimentation continued in the resolution of the design and material selection reversing the typical terrace definition of dark, cold interior with end lit spaces and creating a collection of light filled internal, private spaces.

An integrated approach to services was taken from the outset. This included undertaking a CFD analysis of the conceptual planning, and making informed planning changes to enhance the natural ventilation, hot air layering and dissipation of such through the major spaces. This, combined with the internal temperature activated drip circulating water system running over the translucent roof has created a year round responsive and comfortable interior environment.

The result is a home that is continually modifying its response to the external environment. Time spent within the dwelling allows this to be observed by the pleasant subconscious monitoring of the movements of light and air, all set against an acoustic backdrop of the surrounding cityscape.

The private home.