Private Residence, Woollahra

A private residence for a medical practioner, this house is located at the end of a leafy cul-de-sac in the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

The front double-story volume houses the public spaces. A volume wrapped by a thick wall or thread pinned off the primary structure.

This thread is used to display the owner’s important art collection internally, and frames private views down the valley in a gap between surrounding houses. This thread continues through to the kitchen space, becoming a bridging element. The family room then crosses under this and moves up to the bedroom wing over. The ribbons continue through the ground floor linking the cooking room to the support rooms, the exposed kitchen and the dining room. This also provides the structural support for the floating bedroom wing over.

The upper volume is treated as a pure rectangle, cantilevered at each end over support walls. Detailing of floor finishes is used to define the individual spaces with material choice and change defining the three spatial groupings.