Toga Central - Design Competition


The built form of the new insertions both at ground and above are strongly influenced by the form of the Former Parcels Post Building while their detailed resolution is inspired by the geometry and nuance of the heritage item.


The location of the core entirely to the East of the FPPB allows the heritage building to be read largely in the round. The core is held off the face of the FPPB by a slither of glass which is then used as an organising principle for the tower above.

The tower form is defined into 3 overall forms; the slender triangular form of the eastern core, the simple trapezoid of the southern form, which is also held clear of the line of the heritage building below and the third triangular form organised and held between two sandstone articulations generated from the alignment of the edges of the FPPB. This face describes the diagonal setback above the FPPB.

The diagonal face is defined in detail by the Intertwining of the hotel room layout and the structural grid of the FPPB which generates the locations of the columns supporting it. Together these grids merge to create a scalloped facade to the diagonal face inspired by the corner forms of the FPPB. This facade orientates itself towards George Street giving a clear line to the civic spine of the city.


The prescribed separation of the tower and FPPB vertically gives the two ages of building distance with which to view each in relation to the other.

The separation of forms also allows a vital path for wind to move above the ground plane and through the gap in the built forms over the FPPB.

The use of the three giant southern columns as a structural device and the slender core necessitates the use of a secondary structural brace to prevent the building from twisting over. Taken together as an assemblage these forms open up the southern face of the FPPB to allow it to be a clear backdrop to the plaza space.


As it reaches its zenith the scalloped facade articulates to the west in line with the solar access plane. By virtue of its location and form the building creates a legible civic marker for the precinct. The soaring lines of the diagonal facade reach their peak in the south west corner as a series of glazed scallops reaching ever skyward.