Fitzpatrick+Partners was created in August 2001, evolving from the independent design studio James Fitzpatrick formed in November 2000.

Paul Reidy and Rod Pindar became Partners at Fitzpatrick+Partners in 2018.

The creation of architecture involves many people and disciplines to produce a successful project. We perhaps mimic the role of the movie director, controlling and directing the core message, continuously assessing and subtly directing the process to produce the final solution.

We believe our skill is to take our clients goals and aspirations, develop and evolve these into successful projects which meet and exceed their requirements, and in doing so reflect our philosophy to architecture. The result celebrates the solution, the expression, the technology and principles of construction, but most importantly it welcomes the building users, creating environments which people not only understand but are enjoyable in which to work and play.

Our industry has successfully adapted to the integration of solutions to minimise our impact on the environment. We continue to question the efficacy of such systems and building typographies, using the simple tools of logic to continue to search for better solutions.

The challenge remains to not only build, but to build with an ongoing commitment to respect our environment, our town and cities, and most of all our building users. This does infer a significant responsibility, for we build for an unknown future.

Our design philosophy is simply that a well designed and well built building can adapt to this change. We continue to believe that quality of thought, documentation and construction will remain more important to us than quantity of output.

Nominated Architects in NSW:

James Austin Fitzpatrick, 9303

Paul Reidy, 11839

Rod Pindar 9019